S.K.I Top Tips and Thoughts

The S.K.I Team share their favourite Top Tips and thoughts.

Travel partners!

It’s not always about where you go but who you go with. Selecting a travel companion should not be taken lightly. Many a holiday has been spoilt by that friend who had to come along, then proceeded to dislike everything. Choose wisely. No matter how good a friend is they all have faults. Before going on holiday with a friend, make sure you know their short comings. You don’t want to travel with someone who needs you to plan and play travel guide for the whole trip. If you think you have found The One, plan a 4 day weekend together, somewhere within a few hours drive or flight away. If you have a great time with no real disagreements, find you have similar taste in accommodation and eating, are happy if one goes off in a different direction for a couple of hours, then this is The One. Don’t settle for less or your big adventure can turn into a nightmare.

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