How this site ultimately chooses to manifest itself is up to the Universe. As I start this journey I am working from a back catalogue of years of travel, experience and adventure. There will be destination pieces of course, but also pieces to stimulate thought, inform, answer questions and investigate theories. My travelling friends and family will provide insight into their travels and together we can cover a range of travel styles and knowledge. No-one can really be sure where anything will take them, but that's the best part right? The un-known and the excitement it presents. Join me as we journey across the globe and delve into this mad world of travel bloggery.

"So do you wanna go to New Zealand and practice?" "What do you mean, practice what?" "Practice backpacking. It's close, they speak the same language, just for a couple of weeks." At 16 most parents are trying to steer you clear of drugs and alcohol or forcing you into part time Maccas jobs. Not mine however, my dad was a firm believer of practice makes perfect and New Zealand seemed like the perfect place for his 16 year old daughter to earn her first backpacking stripes. I didn't make it to NZ, instead I went on a 6 week exchange with the Lions Club living in Denmark and England over the Christmas holidays. It was all my parents could do to help me scratch the ever present itch on my feet.

After finishing school I spent the next year saving and studying travel and tourism at TAFE, and then the time came. At 19, me and my brand new Macpac (which is the same backpack I still use today), were off to Mexico with grand plans of heading all the way to Peru to the Inca Trail – my forever dream. Sadly I didn't make it to Peru, there was so much to see in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize that it took the whole 4.5 months I had. I returned home and 6 months later I moved to London and wouldn't live on Aussie soil for another 8 years.

During this time I was able to trek to the majestic Machu Picchu, visit crazy Cuba and beautiful Bolivia, but London wasn't my greatest Ally. After returning home from a long and quite emotional 8 years, I vowed to rebuild myself. I vowed to find my soul, find the light I had lost and the old cliché  – find my purpose. I generally used the term "work out what I wanna be when I grow up" considering I was 28 and still had no idea – it was about time to put the work in.

macchu picchu 288

I've lived back in Oz for 5 years now and Australia has afforded me the opportunity to again chase those magical destinations with ease. I was able to spend 9 months recharging my heart and Soul in South and Central America and have nailed some more forever dreams of trekking in Nepal and riding the rail on the Trans Mongolian Railway and in Myanmar. I have been able to explore The Outback, Tropical North Queensland and have Mai Tai'd my way around Hawaii.

By trade I am a Health Promotion Officer and a Disability Support Worker. So along with being a professional traveller of course, I am able to spend my time with the thing I love most, people.

The journey of life isn't always a straight road. Mine is no exception. It has bumps, flat tyres and brake failures along the way, but all are leading us to our best selves, even when our best self seems like a ghost.

This site is a travel bloggery site. It's about my travels. It's about other peoples travels. It's about travel in general. It's not gospel – it's just what I've seen, loved and enjoyed. It's about the tips I've picked up, the life and travel hacks and it would be remiss of me not to share them. It's about having fun, throwing caution to the wind and booking that trip you've always dreamed of over lunch with your bestie!

All photos on this site are my own or have been taken by a guest blogger. Follow me on Instagram at theuniversesbike

Please bear with me as I build the content. Thanks!